How Digital Marketing Opportunities In India Can Make You Unretired 2022?

With the Digital Marketing Industry in India alone is set to be US$250 billion by 2025 according to a Goldman Sachs report, the digital marketing opportunities in India is as vast as space itself.

This makes Digital Marketing a growing and in-demand career option in India.

The benefits of serving a global clientele from our own office or home and the freedom to be our own boss are awesome once the ball gets rolling.

Along with the conventional job opportunities in this field, there is a huge scope of starting out on our own as entrepreneurs.

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Digital Marketing – A World of Opportunities and Challenges

Digital marketing opportunities and challenges

Digital marketing is sometimes stated as online marketing. However, its scope is so vast that it is still evolving in different forms according to the market demands.

It primarily involves the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes email, social media, and web-based services along with text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

As with every opportunity that has huge possibilities of return, there are challenges in this field as well. Hard work and perseverance are keys to success and sustaining a digital marketing career growth.

Why choose digital marketing as a career?

The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) states that India presently has about 500 million Internet users which is almost 40% of the total Indian population. The user base is expected to reach at least 700 Million by 2025.

With the prolific growth forecast in this sector, the demand for skilled professionals is only set to increase.

Now any content we consume on our mobiles through the internet is digital content. If we see the amount of this data that is being generated and consumed on a daily basis we will be surprised at the scope of digital marketing opportunities in the market.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, hordes of Emails, Videos from reels to shorts to ad films, EBooks, etc. the sheer volume of content that is being generated regularly is mind-blowing.

Even careers as a teacher, trainer, mentor, the coach have taken the digital route riding on the waves of the pandemic. It has opened up hitherto unknown fields, created new arenas for new players. Personal branding holds a pivotal role in any venture whether in a salaried job and more so when we start off on our own.

And if there are consumers, the market needs producers and creators. Quality content is in very high demand as not all content is worth consuming.

This again brings us to the digital marketing opportunities and challenges. Quality over quantity always wins in the long run. Processes need to be followed diligently as creating a community, and personal brand for oneself takes time and proper positioning.

The challenges are not insurmountable provided we keep doing what we need to do even when things do not go our way. Faith and patience are keys here.

Creative Freedom

The different types of Digital Marketing career options.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Social Media Marketing Manager
  3. SEO Professional
  4. Web Designer and Developer
  5. Content Writer
  6. Copywriting Professional
  7. Email Marketing Specialist
  8. Web Analyst
  9. Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Each of the above is a specialization in itself and can lead to a successful career path.  There will be ample scope for digital marketing career growth with patience and hard work.

Whereas SEO, SMM, Web Analyst, SEM are more technical, the Web designer, Content Marketer and Copywriter makes up the creative freedom in digital marketing. The joy of creating can be a very satisfying way to express oneself.

Digital marketing income – a lifeline in crisis

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) is ₹5-6lakhs per year in India. Whereas, a Senior Digital marketing manager with 8-9 years of experience the salary can range between ₹7 – ₹10 lakhs on average.

The initial challenge of trying to gain a foothold in the market and create our own niche will depend upon the effort we put into our digital marketing career growth plan. It can serve us very well to plan and execute it in small incremental stages.

One great advantage for a very satisfying life is when we know how to start digital marketing freelancing. Freelancing although appears shiny is no less challenging than a full-fledged business which actually it is.

The pandemic showed us the thin thread that is our day jobs likely to break at the slightest of pull. Freelancing even on a side job helps create a contingency fund to tide over such a crisis. It can turn into a lifesaver for many by replacing the primary income. The road to success as with all ventures is hard and demands relentless action.

Once we enjoy the creative freedom that digital marketing, we can be driven by the passion that comes with it. 

Digital marketing offers the opportunity to have an online income in India without much investment in terms of money. We do need some investment to create a blog, invest in some tools and run ads but the initial investment can be kept low and scaled up as the business grows.

Digital marketing is an application and execution-oriented job. One great way how to start a career in digital marketing in India is to work for a digital marketing agency and gain knowledge and expertise in various fields.

We can build our depth in our niche as we work in a day job. The flexibility to test the market, creating our reputation can then lead us to go solo.

Getting into a community for hands-on training, joining the discussion, building our own digital real estate are all steps that lead up to the summit.

There is some scope of digital marketing freelance jobs for freshers also although one has to keep grinding and trying and testing various options before landing a satisfying career. We have to put in lots of labour and sleepless night to rise to the level of expertise that there will be a constant demand for our offering.

It has been said earlier that many of us do not get beyond how to start a digital marketing freelance journey. It depends on us why. A focused niche and a passion to excel are two important pillars of success in this journey.

The digital marketing opportunities in India offer us the opportunity to serve a global market. We may be working from India, from the comfort of our homes. More likely it offers an online income without a major investment in most cases.

The Way Forward

Once we have generated a steady source of income we get free of our retirement age. We are no longer bound by the fearful number of 58 or 60 where just stop working or are made to stop working. The freedom to work from anywhere, especially in the comfort of our homes becomes a choice, not a must. Yes, we can retire from slaving for someone else’s dreams and live life on our own terms.

Personal branding holds a pivotal role in any venture whether in a salaried job and more so when we start off on our own. The digital marketing opportunities in India are just opening up and it is there to stay for a long time to come. So let us sharpen our Digital Edge and Be Unretired.

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